16' x 76' mobile home 3 bedroom 2 bath , Satellite television and laundry included. Please inquire for more details
The family suite contains everything necessary for your stay EXCEPT bedding and towels, but these can be supplied if required for a fee.

The family suite has an outdoor fire pit and picnic table.

Additional cots, if necessary, can be supplied for a small fee.

Cooking and eating utensils are supplied.
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Please phone us today to make your reservation (403) 742-6603
Make sure you plan to take your kids on the "Hay Ride" and send them on the "Train Ride" as well. They'll love it.
We went to Old MacDonald's last year and it was awesome! We tented last year, but just bought a 'new to us' trailer before Christmas. The kids loved the beach, we had a spot that backed right onto it. The bathrooms were nice.

There was a playground in every section of the campground. We were able to let Evie ride her bike to the playground all by herself as we could see the playground from the site we were at. She felt like such a big girl. They also have rides and a good concession stand.
What a fabulous experience we had at Ol' MacDonalds Resort. My 4 year old looked up at me as I tucked her in and said "This is the best place in the whole world!"

I would tend to agree.